Whaleback Core Team

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Whaleback Mountain Club is dedicetd to our mission statement by providing exceptional certified coaching to small groups of skiers and boarders.  The athlete to coach ratio will never be greater than 8:1. Our emphasis is always on having fun and developing a lifelong love of snow sports, while helping young athletes grow their skills. 

We foster healthy competition, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.  Another success factor is educating young skiers on the ethical standards of skiing, in order to make them better, safer skiers.  We will take time to teach and follow the Skiers Responsibility Code, ATML (Approach Takeoff Maneuver Landing), and the “Smart Style” park approach.

The Core Team is named after the Core of the body, which is where all athletic movement comes from. Our Core principals and philosophy center around our athletes becoming better, more confident athletes on and off the hill.  Becoming a better skier is not just being able to ski the black diamonds or hit all the jumps in the terrain park. It encompasses every aspect of the sport, including proper technique, ethics on and off the slope, and teamwork. Each and every session will focus on these fundamentals.  

It is our mission to provide the services necessary for the Core athlete to meet or exceed their goals! The Core Team is comprised of a wide range of ability levels and ages, and the diversity of the team is its strength.  Everyone is made to feel welcome and it makes for an atmosphere of encouragement and development. Everybody learns skills in different ways and at a different pace. Coaches take that into account when putting together a plan for our athletes. Success is measured by each individual’s development and achieving their individual goals.