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Whaleback Mountain Club
2019 Whaleback Core TeamSummer Trampoline Training

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Freestyle, All Mountain and Development Ski & Ride Programs for ages 5 and up. 

Affordable season long fun!

The Core Team is a Freestyle and All-Mountain youth development and competition ski and snowboard program operated by the Whaleback Mountain Club, separately from UVSSF.  Whaleback Mountain Club is a registered non-profit organization that is comprised of local families who embody the spirit and values of the Core Team and love for snow sports.  We operate with the support of Whaleback Mountain to offer affordable, season long programs.    Our goal is to develop athletes in a fun and nurturing environment and inspire enthusiasm for winter sports.  We ski and ride as teams encouraging each individual to progress to the best of their ability, whether as a recreational skier/snowboarder or as a competitor.

  • Affordable Seasonal Programs for youth ages 5 thru 17, novice to competition levels
  • Competition teams include: Freestyle and Snowboard
  • Development teams include: MiniCore, MiniCore Plus, DEVO Comp and Jr. Freestyle
  • Non-competition Core All-Mountain Team
  • Multiple Child Discount and Flex program allows you to build a program and schedule to suit your athlete and family’s schedule and budget.
Reminder Core Team Annual Meeting in Thursday, 5/18

Reminder!!! Annual Core Team Meeting is in 2 days!!! 

At this meeting we will:

  • Review our End of Year Survey

  • Review our Core Team Financials

  • Discuss Summer Training Opportunities

  • Align on initial plans for next season

Most importantly, it will also be a time for all of you to ask questions and/or give us feedback. Please join us!!!

When: Thursday, May 18, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm
Where: Whaleback Mountain Lodge or Virtually (more info to come)

Please put this on your calendar and RSVP on our FB Page!!! 

Thank you,
Whaleback Mountain Club Board

by posted 05/16/2023
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