Whaleback Core Team

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General Event Volunteer:  May include event setup, judging, scoring, announcing, park building or feature repair, event take down or other assignments. .1 1 Credit


Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality & Awards:  Coordinate meals for volunteers, sign in volunteers at registration table, answer volunteer questions. Setup Awards. 1-2 Credit
Registration: Set up registration. Check in athletes, collect registration fees and handout bibs. Insure bib numbers line up to scoring worksheet/running order.  1 Credit
Scorer:  Score Event. MUST have prior experience scoring USSA event.   2 Credit
Merchandise Sales AM:  Set up merchandise display. Sell Core team merchandise. Record payments received.  1 Credit
Course Maintenance:  Includes event setup and event take down. Chop/rake event course as needed to ensure safety for athletes.   2 Credit
Announcer:  Use audio system to announce athletes and other needed announcements. Credit
Timer:  Must be trained on use of electronic timing. Notes athlete's time on score sheet. MUST communicate via radio with starter. Credit
Hand Timer:  Using hand timer, confirmes time of athletes. Includes setup and breakdown of event. 2 Credit
Score Runner: Includes event setup and event take down. Run scores from timer/judges stand to scorer and then to scriber to input on scoring display. 2 Credit
Assistant Starter:  Includes setup and breakdown of event.  Line up athletes in run order as they prepare for their start at the event. 2 Credit
Judges Assistant:  Includes setup and breakdown of event. Assist judges with scoring of event.  2 Credit
Starter:  Prepare athletes and work with timer/judges to send athlete down the course.  2 Credit
Merchandise Sales PM:  Sell core team merchandise. Collect and record payments. Breakdown merchandise display.  1 Credit
Bib Return and event breakdown:  Collect bibs from athletes after last run and assist with breakdown of event.  1 Credit