Whaleback Core Team

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Whaleback Mountain Club is a volunteer-based club.  In order to keep registration costs down for all participants, we choose to host and run several events at Whaleback mountain. In order to make those events successful, we need everyone's help.  Every family is required to fulfill the following family volunteer credits per athlete:

  • Core Freestyle, Core Snowboard: (2) credits per athlete. 

  • Core Devo Teams: (1) credits per athlete.

  • Minicore Teams: (1) credit per athlete.

There are many different opportunities available - from support on the hill to support in the lodge and are described in the Job Description portion of the Volunteering page. 

We are counting on everyone to step up and pitch in. Other ski clubs require a deposit upfront as part of each athlete's registration. 

If you cannot fulfill your volunteer credits we require a $100 per credit donation in lieu of your time.  We have yet to implement a formal monetary penalization but rely on the honor system of all members. 

**2023 Volunteer Days**

February 4th: Masters of the Mountain

February 18th: WhaleJam Day 1

February 19th: WhaleJam Day 2

March 3rd: Tri-States Championship Day 1

March 4th: Tri-States Championship Day 2

March 5th: Tri-States Championship Day 3


Various other opportunites may be available on an as needed basis, and will be included in each athlete's credit total.



 Thanks for your support!


Please be sure to note the date and time of the spots you sign up for on the volunteering list.  The system only allows us to maintain one list for the entire season.