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2021-2022 Registration Opening soon!
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Join the CORE Team!

Freestyle, FreeRide and Development Ski & Ride Programs for ages 5 and up. 

Affordable season long fun!

The Core Team is a Freestyle, FreeRide and All-Mountain youth development and competition ski and snowboard program operated by the Whaleback Mountain Club, separately from UVSSF.  Whaleback Mountain Club is a registered non-profit organization that is comprised of local families who embody the spirit and values of the Core Team and love for snow sports.  We operate with the support of Whaleback Mountain to offer affordable, season long programs.    Our goal is to develop athletes in a fun and nurturing environment and inspire enthusiasm for winter sports.  We ski and ride as teams encouraging each individual to progress to the best of their ability, whether as a recreational skier/snowboarder or as a competitor.

  • Affordable Seasonal Programs for youth ages 5 thru 17, novice to competition levels
  • Competition teams include: Freestyle, Freeride and Snowboard
  • Development teams include: MiniCore, MiniCore Plus, DEVO Comp and Jr. Freestyle
  • Multiple Child Discount and Flex program allows you to build a program and schedule to suit your athlete and family’s schedule and budget.
Core Team registration is OPEN! Season details

Hello again Core Team! 


Registration is now open for all 2021-2022 programs! This email contains information on the registration process, programming changes, and schedule for the upcoming Core Team season at Whaleback Mountain. 



  • 11/20 - Registration deadline 

  • 11/30 - Information session/season kick-off night (time TBD) 

  • 12/12 and 12/19 - big mountain ski days at Killington (optional, see below) 

  • 1/8/22 - first day of Core Team at Whaleback 

  • Dryland training TBD – likely every weekend in November and early December 



  • - Go to www.whalebackcoreteam.com to register. 

  • - Please register by 11/20 so we can line up our coaching staff. 

  • - Not sure what team to choose? Read the different descriptions in the registration process. If still unclear, reply to this email and I’ll connect you with the right person. Don’t worry...we make changes when the season starts if someone needs to find the right fit. 



  • - Most options remain the same. Three changes: 

  • - There is no fee to participate in dryland training. Schedule TBD, but tentatively plan Nov/Dec weekends. 

  • - Core Freeride will become Core All Mountain and only be Tuesdays and Saturdays (no Thursdays) 

  • - New early season big-mountain option. This $99 option adds on two December ski days at Killington and a mid-season contingency day at Ragged. See full description below. 

  • - MinicoreMinicore Plus, Core Devo, Core Freestyle, and Core Snowboard remain the same and are described on the website in the registration area. (We’re still updating other areas of the website). 


New Early Season Big Mountain Days 

We normally start the season in January at Whaleback. We received a lot of feedback about the number of training days, especially when there are weather issues at Whaleback. This year, we are offering additional training time. For $99, the following will be included: 

  • - Two training days at Killington Mountain. Dec 12 and Dec 19, 2021. 

  • - A contingency training day at Ragged Mountain if Whaleback is closed on a Saturday and we’re able to divert our training to Ragged. 

All Core Team participants are welcome to join us on these days. If you don’t opt for the $99 fee, you’ll just need to secure your own day pass(es). 


Jackets (OPTIONAL) 

If you’d like to have a black jacket embroidered with the Core Team logo, please note the links below which show a selection of jackets that can be embroideredJackets should be ordered separately by the family. We will then work with you to arrange the embroidering (which will be done locally). Please order ASAP as lead times for everything are very unpredictable. Just to be clear, this is totally optional and neither the jacket nor the logo are required for any athlete. 

by posted 10/17/2021
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